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Danny - September 17th 2001
Bryan - October 1st 2001

Okay, CPD is finally up. We finally get to show off our weird ideas to the rest of the world... The inspiration from this comic came after reading a lot of Bob and George, and playing way too much Street Fighter. It's a lot of fun though. Hopefully people will post in the forum and give us some feedback on the comic, so we have an idea of what you, the readers think. So, go on, to the forum with you.


Lately, Keenspace seems slower and slower... It's not that I don't enjoy the free service, but I'm wondering if maybe we should upgrade too the KeenSpot service, becuase other comics like Explotation Now and Sinfest dont ever seem to have problems, but maybe thats unrelated. In other news, I got Vince to make me a really cool Joystick plug-in for WinAMP, you should go over there and try it if youre unsatisfied with others.

The Funny Papers!
The Funny Papers!

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