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- Ryu -

Ryu searches the world so he can fight with many opponents. He lives to better himself through Martial Arts training. Ryu often meets up with Ken who is his best friend, and rival from childhood.

Currently: He's looking for Vega to fix the name of the comic.

- Ken -

Ken trained under the same master as Ryu when they were children. Although Ken enjoys a good fight just as much as Ryu, Unlike Ryu, Ken has a life outside Martial Arts, he is engaged to a woman named Eliza. Ken is also the son of one of the richest families in the world.

Currently: Traveling with Ryu to find Vega.

- Sakura -

Sakura wants to be a great Martial Artist like Ryu, and often follows him in an attempt to learn from him. She has adapted Ryu's style of fighting in her own way. Also, Sakura is often with her friend Karin.

Currently: Following Ryu out of her usual interest in him.

- Karin -

Sakura's rival, and also a good friend. She practices a different style of Martial Arts than Ryu, Ken and Sakura do. Karin is also in a very rich family, so it seems she also rivals Ken in the monetary department.

Currently: Hanging out with Ken, Ryu, and Sakura, following them for fun.

- Gouki -

Gouki seeks ultimate power through Martial Arts. He killed Ryu and Ken's master in the search for this power. Gouki also is very interested in Ryu, who has great potential to achieve the power that Gouki wields.

Currently: Following Ryu and Ken to find out why Vega is so "Evil", and prove that he is superior to Vega.

- Vega -

The leader of the organized crime syndicate Shadaloo. He lives to take over the world and gain as much power as possible. His Psycho Drive fuels his Psycho Power that makes him much stronger than normal men.

Currently: Relaxing and being Evil, as he's the main villain.

- Cammy -

One of Vega's super enhanced soldiers, her true origin is unknown. She is very loyal to Vega, and will serve him with no question. But it seems when Vega programmed her personality, he didn't work out all of the bugs...

Currently: Fixing the Psycho Drive

- Juni & Juli -

Two of Vega's super enhanced soldiers. They are always together, and always work as a team. They are programmed to protect Vega at any cost, and they live only to serve him.

Currently: Protecting Vega's base.


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